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God is Working

I’m still overwhelmed with this past Sunday at Faith Church. God moves in a mighty way. The altar was filled with everyone crying out to reach out and touch the Lord. During our time of worship and pursuing Jesus, Pastor Stephanie moved in the prophetic and spoke to two specific areas. 

First let me remind you of how God is moving for members of Faith Church within the past few weeks. We have had testimonials of signs of cancer disappearing and a tumor within the pituitary gland being reduced to a cyst. These miracles bring us to this week. I preached a message two Sundays ago entitled "He'll do it again!" and surely He still is moving and doing it again and again and again.

Back to Pastor Stephanie, she prophesied that backs were being healed and I know God moved during that time with those at the altar rejoicing and tears streaming down their faces. One gentleman sat in his seat after everyone had left the building, still crying with the presence of God all over him and he said "That Word was for me, my back is tingling and I know that God is healing me." I just rejoice with him and believe that the what the Word of the prophetess was directly from the Lord.

The second Word God gave Pastor Stephanie was, "God is bringing a financial miracle your way!" Of corse every body shouted. Now if you know Stephanie, she is not one to just say things lightly - especially when it comes to prosperity. So when she proclaimed what God was speaking we all knew it was from the Lord. Then she went one step farther she directed that we put a seed on it. I believe everybody in the room participated including us. Stephanie handed me an envelope with a large amount for us and tears in her eyes and said "I know... I don't know how... but this is what God said." So we obeyed God.

By now you are probably thinking this is a testimony about Stephanie and I, but you are wrong. I just mentioned that to show you that when God speaks we follow the instruction too, no matter who the vessel is that He is using. It sometimes, most of the time doesn't make since in the natural but we serve a supernatural God, so we follow Him.

Anyways, that was prophesied on Sunday morning and by Monday morning we receive a message stating that one those who sowed a seed had had called to make a payment towards her medical debts and thats when she received the new that they were Paid-In-Full, Zero Balance! She was overjoyed and we rejoiced with her.

You may not have been in service with us on Sunday morning but I believe our faith can join with yours today and by this time tomorrow things will have already changed in your life. Miracles of healing and financial freedom are coming your way. As Deuteronomy 28 proclaims that "all these blessings will come upon you if you harken to the Word of the Lord." Today I challenge you, extend your faith with a seed offering, believing for healing and a blessing in your finances!

Make Jesus Famous, 
Pastor Nate

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